CoReport - a COVID-19 reporting application

CoReport is an open-source tool that enables an organisation to collect structured status reports from other organisations at set intervals.

The basic concept

An organisation that must make plans and allocate resources to deal with COVID-19, such a health board or city authority, needs regular updates of information. This can be quantitative information concerning things like available hospital beds and other equipment, staff, confirmed cases and so on, or qualitative information, such as notice of key decisions, situation assessments, etc.

This information needs to come from a wide variety of disparate sources, from hospitals and police services to community organisations and volunteers. At the same time, it needs to be consistently structured so that it can be processed quickly and accurately.

CoReport does this by allowing the organisation that deploys it to define the questions that need to be answered (including the appropriate frequency and deadlines for questions) and the different sources information needs to come from.

For example (a real set-up would include many more than this):

  • hospitals may need to report daily on infection and testing numbers, the number of beds and ventilators available or supplies urgently required

  • police, military and fire services may need to report thrice a week on the availability of personnel

  • community organisations may need to report daily on matters of local concern

Reporting users of the application are prompted for the information, and reminded of expired deadlines.

The data thus captured can be exported in a consistent way in a variety of formats for further processing as required.

About development

CoReport is currently being deployed by the Swiss canton of Baselland, on hosting sponsored by Divio. Divio is also donating further hosting of the tool for other organizations.

The development of CoReport was initiated by what. in collaboration with Divio (see our Contributors). The first iteration of the tool was developed for the Swiss canton of Baselland.

Project source code